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Presenter : Zoe D’Amato

Hawaii 2

Hawaii – sacred kingdom of Polynesians and America’s sunny 50th state. It is the quintessential destination for paradise-seeking honeymooners from all over the world.  No other group of islands on earth fascinates the common traveller more than this lush archipelago of volcanic isles placed so beautifully in the Pacific.

Hawaii Hibiscus

With this in mind, Globe trekker Zoe D’Amato sets out on a grand adventure to explore 4 of Hawaii’s mounds of beauty – Big Island, Maui, Oahu and Kauai. On Big Island, she treks to the fiery crater of the Kilauea shield volcano and unearths petro glyphs commemorating the newborns of a Polynesian community that once thrived in the foothills of a wondrous lava landscape. Zoe samples Hawaii’s world famous Kona coffee and recounts the fate of the great Captain James Cook, who shored up in Kealakekua Bay, only to meet his end at the hands of a superstitious clan who had once deemed him a god.
Hawaii Volcanoes NP 3

Zoe gets a ukulele lesson from Rick and then heads off to the old whaling island of Maui – holiday Mecca for the newly married lured by its sandy beaches and sapphire sea. Zoe has an obligatory swim and samples the local sugar cane juice. She takes a short flight to Oahu, to Honolulu and Waikiki beach, where she checks in at the Moana Surfrider Hotel, a renowned haven for America’s early socialites who first experienced the vacationing pleasures of Hawaii.  Zoe visits Iolani Palace – the grand mansion of Hawaii’s ‘Merrie monarch’, who impressed the islanders with his love of European sophistication.  She tries some classic island cocktails, the local food and has a paddle with the hotel staff on a Polynesian outrigger built in the same vein as the old sail boats that first crossed the Pacific Ocean.  Zoe visits Mele, a Polynesian artist who illustrates to Zoe the bird feather capes once worn by Hawaii’s great Polynesian kings.

Kauai 3

And it’s on to her final journey; Zoe travels to Kauai, the “emerald isle”. She takes a helicopter flight over verdant valleys, tumbling canyons and waterfalls to best experience the natural beauty of this truly gorgeous island. She then drives to a botanical garden that still harvests the first foods brought over by Polynesian seafarers 1700 years ago and ventures to buy some local sea shell jewellery. She ends her journey kayaking the Walua river, a sacred burial ground of Polynesian kings and the landmark film location where Indiana Jones first made his name.


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