We’re in the last quarter of the year

We’re in the last quarter of the year

What a monumental year 2021 has been so far. In the UK, where we’re based, the start of the year compared to where we are right now, is unrecognisable.  

In January, we were in a full lockdown, we couldn’t dine out with our friends or family, the gyms, nightclubs, and high streets were closed, and everyday life as we knew it had come to a halt. London, a city known for its hustle and bustle became a ghost town, there was hardly any traffic, and the trains were not crowded during rush hour!  

It’s come back to life now, and human beings as creatures of habit, it was fascinating to see how quickly people fell back into routine.  

The lockdown was something that affected everyone’s lives across the globe, including over here at Pilot. Be sure to have a read of our MD and producer Ian Cross’ experience with the lockdowns, particularly in Australia where his family live and where he was unable to visit during a bereavement in his family. A lot of people reached out, resonating with Ian’s story.  

This is the first time in our lifetime that the world has endured a pandemic of this scale. It affected every corner of the world. You’d be surprised to learn that the world has encountered lockdowns and pandemics before. Have a look at our phenomenal documentary, which was produced during the lockdown! 

The successful vaccine rollout brought normality back into our lives but the implications and impact still remain. Time has flown by since the first lockdown back in March 2020 and so much has changed.  

We’re now in the final quarter of a memorable 2021, let’s finish it strong.