Golf, Cheating And Trump

Golf, Cheating And Trump

A new book by Rick Reilly, about Donald Trump’s golfing habits, quotes the US President thus: “They cheat, I cheat, I expect you to cheat.”

In the book, “Commander In Cheat-How Golf Explains Trump”, Reilly speaks to caddies, team mates and opponents who give multiple examples of how Trump refuses to allow golfing etiquette or rules to get in the way of becoming a winner.

According to the book, Trump always drives off first, drives his cart on the greens, and wears his hat in the clubhouse, as he lies and cheats his way through false victories on a spectacular scale. Trump claims he plays of a Three Handicap. He is not a bad golfer but according to those who know, his real handicap is about Ten.

As Trump fudges has way to glory we hear of countless instances of cheating – whether it be a Trump giving himself a “gimme “ on a pitch , taking second chances when it suits him or dropping his ball out of water hazards or bushes when no one is looking .

For the most part Trump asks his caddies to do the dirty work. And that doesn’t stop Trump doctoring his scorecard further both in a hole to hole basis, and then back in the clubhouse.

One caddie remarks that Trump’s nickname is Pele, because he is always kicking his ball back on the fairway. Another states: “Trump always has four balls in his pocket – if that tells you anything.”

Reilly remarks: “Golf’s traditions of being your own referee and calling fouls on yourself, clearly has no place in the world of Donald Trump, where it’s all about winning at any cost.”

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