The hair was big, the outfits were hot, but even bigger and hotter were the planes, trains, fast cars and the Space age – this was travelling in the 1970s.

Travelling in the 1970’s: Episode 1 – The Road of Freedom

In the first of two 52 minute episodes, Episode 1: The Road of Freedom, Dean gallivants across the USA and Europe exploring the modes of travel that made the 1970s so uniquely entertaining. It’s a picturesque journey set against the backdrop of America’s ugly war in South East Asia and at a time when the Middle East rallied together to impose an oil crisis on the West. Of course, this made everyone rethink their travel plans, particularly if you had a gas guzzling muscle car but the fun did not stop here. The decade was also a time when luxury air travel was the paragon of stylish living and when the family vacation became a rite of passage. While some young Americans drove their super-charged V8 engines, others strapped on a rucksack following the Kerouacian dream to limitless horizons of freedom found whilst exploring the vastness of their country.

Using archive and reconstructions to recapture the spirit of the ‘70s “Travelling in the 1970s” is packed with interviews featuring hitch-hikers, hippies, Vietnam veterans, cultural commentators, classic car collectors and many children of the ‘70s as they reminisce about their family road trips across the Interstate.




Videographer: Bob Gerbin

Production Coordinator: Francis DiClemente


Mark Goodman

Graceland Bar-b-q


Visit Milwaukee

Harley-Davidson Museum

Costa Mesa Car Rally

Four Seasons Hotels

Pan Am Experience – Air Hollywood

South Street Diner, Boston

VW Club

Let’s go!

The Star Inn, Lingfield, Surrey

Moonlight Drive-In Cinema

International Native Casting, Agency

Café Het Paleis, Amsterdam

The Flying Pig hostel, Amsterdam

Thalys Trains

Brooklands Museum

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