Earth Journeys – Volume 1

Since the first Globe Trekker TV show was produced, the team of composers who create the soundtrack have been pushing back the boundaries of television music. The scores blendmusic and sounds recorded on location into compositions and arrangements by musicians more usually associated with hit records and classical albums.

Earth Journeys Volume 1 contains music from Globe Trekker episodes in Central America,BrazilPeruSouthern MexicoEcuadorRio de JaneiroBaja California and Cuba.


  1. Globe Trekker Theme
  2. Featuring a Kubing, a bamboo instrument from the Philippines, with John Thomas on piano.
  3. Miao Song
  4. Based on the haunting singing of the Longhorn Miao girls, wooing lovers from across the valleys.
  5. Journey to Djenne:
  6. A tribute to the surreal mud mosque rising from the sub-Saharan sands of Mali.
  7. Nez Perce
  8. Based on the Nez Perce Indian chants, featuring the proud words of Chief Lonely Traveller.
  9. On The Road to Varkkalai
  10. Sounds from a journey to the southernmost tip of India.
  11. Kilamanjaro
  12. A reflective moment on the way to the rooftop of Africa featuring Paul Inder on guitar.
  13. And The Prince Had a Dream
  14. A journey across the Saharan sand dunes.
  15. Karakol (Girl With a Guitar)
  16. Featuring Hazupa Hyzaebaon in her Uzbekistani homeland.
  17. Powayaane
  18. Icelandic Inuit techno.
  19. Silk Road (God is Good)
  20. Based on the Koranic cry heard along the ancient Silk Route. Featuring Ney and Kwaal Flutes by Maher Khaury.
  21. Zanzibar
  22. Featuring the guitar of Clem Clempson and the pan -African influence of township jive.
  23. Rishi Darling (O Jane Wales)
  24. Featuring the voice of Gauri Bopat and the sounds of Bollywood
  25. The Classification of Gesture (Medley)
  26. (i) The Classification of Gesture (ii) Laws Of Dancing (iii) Heavy With Drink (iv) Rudy (Wishing) (v) Tea Picking (Swingla) (vi) Natya Sastra (Dramatic Science) – From the markets, bars and festivals of Turkey.
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