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Bazaar is the ultimate TV guide to shopping the planet. Watch how the beautiful people live as our travellers guide you through the cultural and aesthetic delights of some the world’s most renowned cities.

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Bazaar Episodes

S2 E06: Sicily

Judith Jones visits the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily.  Having been heavily influenced by invaders ranging from the Greeks and Romans to the...
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S2 E07: Lisbon

Once the stomping ground of Romans, Moors and Crusaders, this historic hillside city has culture, cobblestones, cafés, cable cars and cod aplenty. Sprawling...
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S2 E09: Peru

Traditional Peruvian Dress Now on most travellers’ hotlists, Peru offers mouth-watering gastronomy, archaeological delights and stunning colonial...
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S2 E12: Mexico

Mexico’s epic history has bequeathed it some of the richest cultural traditions on the planet. A combination of more than 50 pre-Hispanic cultures and...
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S1 E02: Bangkok

Estelle and a big fan Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is famous for antiques, arts and crafts, textiles and gems. Presenter Estelle Bingham unveils...
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S1 E03: London

Estelle Bingham on cruises through the streets of London on a double decker bus London would probably be in anyone’s top three shopping destinations,...
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S1 E04: Vienna

Vienna is the capital of the republic of Austria and has a population of just under two million people. Its rich history is reflected in the cities stunning...
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S1 E06: Miami

KT gets kitted out for the Volleypalooza Miami is one of America’s most trendy and fashionable cities, offering beaches, sunny skies and beautiful...
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S1 E09: Dubai

The old scents of Arabia at the spice souk Located in the heart of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is one of the world’s youngest and yet most cosmopolitan...
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