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Presenter : Judith Jones

Buenos Aires

St Pancreas International

Presenter Judith Jones dancing the Tango

Kate Comer at St Paul's Cathedral

Judith Jones at the Gaucho Festival, Buenos Aires

Judith Jones explores one of South America’s most stylish cities. the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

One of the best things to buy in Argentina is leather, which is reasonably priced and of very high quality.  Judith visits Casa Lopez, one of Buenos Aires’ most famous and exclusive leather shops, where, apart from the more usual leather products she checks out some exquisite items made from South American rodents: jackets made from capybara skin, and some fabulously soft chinchilla furs.

Argentina is also renowned for having the world’s best polo team, and to find out more Judith visits a chic designer clothes shop run by the world’s best polo player, Adolfo Cambiaso.

The word Argentina is derived from the Latin word for silver, which historically was mined in huge quantities in the region.  Judith visits the remarkable workshop of Juan Carlos Pallarols, one of the world’s best silversmiths, who for decades has made exclusive and unique silverwork for many of the world’s wealthiest, most famous and most powerful people, including presidents, royalty, and the Pope.

Buenos Aires’ opera house, the Teatro Colon, is considered among the five best in the world. Once dilapidated, Judith marvels at its recently completed, spectacular restoration.

A hundred years ago Argentina was one of the world’s richest countries as a result of its vast agricultural exports, and at the time Buenos Aires had lots of other grand theatres; with the rise of cinema, however, quite a few closed or were put to other uses.  Judith visits the former Grand Splendid Theatre, now transformed into one of the world’s most beautiful and extraordinary bookshops.

Ben Evans John Pawson Nadja Swarovski Design Week at St Pauls

Picking the famous Malbec grapes to make world-renowned wine in the O Fournier Vineyard.

The charming, cobble stoned barrio of San Telmo is a lovely place to visit at any time, but it is best on Sundays, when its’ outdoor antiques market is in full swing.  Judith takes a look at the many fascinating things you can find to buy here, before checking out a fascinating junk shop that specialises in memorabilia of one of Argentina’s most famous sons, the revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara.

These days, excellent wine rather than revolution is Argentina’s most famous export, and Judith enjoys sampling some of the country’s best wines at an exclusive wine-tasting with one of Buenos Aires’ top wine experts.

After much excellent wine, Judith is in the mood to party, and for her final experience in Buenos Aires she heads to a Gaucho festival in the barrio of Mataderos, where she dances the night away with the locals.


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