Bazaar – Algeria

Algeria is one of the least known countries on our planet. It’s a country of contrasting landscapes – of mountains, sea and sand – made up of a multitude of Berber tribes and long-standing cultural traditions. An unexcavated gem, Algeria unravels a jewel of delights.

In the capital of Algiers, local  Algerois Djihad Mahamdi visits a unique Ottoman brassware shop and  tours the Tuareg-inspired Cathedral of Sacre Coeur while fellow guide, Nehad Benz explores the Ottoman-refined Casbah which is awash with pretty fountains, sumptuous palaces  and antique ceramics workshops.

A day trip to Tipasa gives us glimpses of a wealthy Roman life in North Africa and further afield we explore the spectacular Roman site of Timgad, known as North Africa’s  Pompei .

In Oran, resident Zaki Souffi visits the home of the city’s most eminent émigré, Yves Saint Laurent whose clothes were inspired by the colourful robes of the native North African Berbers.. He also tours the old Beys Palace.

In the Sahara, we tour the berber castles of Timimoun and the circular Mozabite cities of the Mzab valley, rekowned for their unique mosques and mud buildings. We learn about Berber carpet making crafts and visit the Toureg markets of Tamanrasset before experiencing the extraordinary volcanic desert landscapes and mountains of the Ahoggar.



Kate Comer

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Algerian National Tourism Office

Development Et De La Promotion Des Arts Du Ministere De La Culture D’Algerie

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Musée d’Alger


Ahmed Bey Palace

The Museum Of Modern & Contemporary Art, Algiers

 “ArT4u” Gallery, Algiers


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