World of Ceramics

The art of Ceramics is almost as old as man himself. Since the Bronze Age man has been moulding objects from the earth whether they be for monuments or to assist him in the tasks of everyday life. Ceramics have not only had a practical use, but have also have served a decorative function brightening and embellishing our surroundings.

The Greeks, Romans, and Chinese were all active producers of beautiful ceramics and archaeological digs across the world continue to discover ancient treasures. The trade in ceramics had been active along the Silk Road before Islam, with its coming in the seventh century this practice was elevated into an art form. In this episode our team of globe shopping hosts explore this wondrous world of Ceramics.

In Morocco we explore how the Moors used ceramics to emblazon their buildings including mosques and palaces, a practice which was exported to Spain and Portugal which developed this own ceramic styles which were later exported to their colonies in Latin America.

One of the greatest exponents of tile making was Turkey’s Ottoman Empire, which spread out across the Middle East to North Africa and the Balkans. The most famous designs were known as Iznik which were particularly popular in the empire’s 300 year golden age from the 16th to 19th centuries.

Iran produced some of the world’s most intricate tiles for its mosques in the cities of Isfahan and Mashad and beautiful examples can also be seen in Central Asian cities such as Samarkand.

Our hosts Including Adela Ucar, Flora Montgomery, Judith Jones and Megan McCormick travel from Morocco to Mexico as they uncover the stories and secrets behind one of the world’s oldest crafts.



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