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Presenter : Justine Shapiro

Philadelphia – 4th July Walk

“This walk focuses on colonial America by touching base with the key landmarks of early Philadelphia, meeting people and exploring the places that keep history alive. Along the way, we sample the fun of a typical July 4th ambiance in the historic city center where it all began.”

It’s U.S. Independence Day in Philadelphia and host Justine Shapiro, after soaking up some good old fashioned July 4th ambiance, goes beyond the traditional parade route. She embarks on a walking tour that gives her a peek inside the oldest institutions and neighbourhoods that were the pre-revolutionary backdrop to inventing the very concept of the United States.

Justine visits attends a Quaker meeting at The Arch Street Friends Meeting House and reads the handwritten revisions of a rebellious reverend at the historic Christ Church.

She experiences a “taste of the 18th century”based on authentic ale recipes of the Founding Fathers at Chef Walter Staib’s City Tavern. She makes sure to visit Independence Hall before touching base with lesser known, but alive and well institutions like The American Philosophical Society and Carpenter’s Hall.

Last off, she takes a ramble through the 18th century neighborhood of Society Hill, before joining back up with a street party on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to end the day with a Fireworks display.

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