Metropolis – Algeria

Algeria is a country that achieved independence less than sixty years ago but its history spans as far back as the early man who hunted in the forests of the Sahara’s once lush desert. It’s a country of contrasting landscapes – of mountains, sea and sand – made up of a multitude of Berber tribes and long-standing cultural traditions.

This one hour special tracks the history of Algeria through its spectacular architecture and buildings.

We visit ancient Numidians tombs of the rulers of a unique North African civilisation before Roman times, and the fantastic Roman cities of Timgad, Tipasa and Djemila.

When the Arabs came, bringing Islam, they left ancient walled cities in the Sahara and exquisite palaces in Tlemcen- still here today.

The beauty of these palaces were matched by the Ottomans who ruled here for nearly 400 years . Their legacy can be seen in winding streets of the Kasbah in the capital Algiers and their palaces in cities such as Oran and Constantine.

With French invasion in the 19th century they turned these cities into mini versions of French cities such as Nice and Marseille. This influence can still be seen today in the boulevards and buildings throughout the country.



Helen Walker

With Thanks To:

Algerian National Tourism Office

Development Et De La Promotion Des Arts Du Ministere De La Culture D’Algerie

Embassy Of Algeria, UK

Algerian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Fort Santa Cruz

Notre Dame D’afrique In Algier

Jardin D’essai – Hamma Botanical Garden

Centre D’interpretation Du Costume, Tlemcen

El Mansoura, Tlemcen

Ahmed Bey Palace

The Museum Of Modern & Contemporary Art, Algiers

Tantonville Café, Algiers

Cruis Wine

El Bey Restaurant

“ArT4u” Gallery, Algiers


Critical Past

Kouas Khoubaib




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