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Presenter : Julian Davison


In Metropolis Venice, presenter Julian Davison explores the history of one of the world’s most extraordinary cities through its architecture. From its beginnings as a tiny group of settlements in a muddy lagoon, to its rise as one of the most powerful commercial empires the world has ever known, Venice offers an up an incredible array of architectural wonders that start with its very foundations.

Julian asks the question, how does this city stay afloat? Julian Davison, Venice

Venice became rich and powerful from through trade with the East and the city merges the 2 styles in a multitude of unique and original ways. From its most iconic structures like St. Marks Basilica, the Palazzo Ducale and the Rialto Bridge, to its more obscure districts such as the Jewish Ghetto, Julian learns that just about every corner of the city is a reflection of its commercial interests. But Venice is also a city of innovation.

Julian journeys to the mainland of Italy to experience the classical splendour of the vastly influential Palladian villas and travels to the edge of the lagoon to witness the construction of one of the most spectacular engineering feats of the modern day, the Mose, a gigantic sea wall designed to stop Venice from sinking into the sea.

Whether Venice will still be here in 100 years’ time may be a subject for debate – but no one can doubt the beauty and impact of this city’s magnificent architecture.


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