Lapland (or Sápmi) is a vast and sparsely populated area that stretches across the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and parts of Russia. It is home to the Sami people.

Many Sami people continue to practice reindeer herding, while other have adopted a more settled lifestyle or work in other areas of agriculture. Fishing, farming, hunting, and herding are traditional occupations for many Sami people. In many Sami communities the reindeer is closely connected with the culture, as it has been for hundreds of years. There are a growing number of ecotourism ventures managed by the Sami people, which help to preserve Sami culture, crafts, and traditions.

In Lapland (Sápmi ) visitors can stay the night with a Sami family, perhaps in a lavvu hut (typical temporary dwelling of the Sami people) as presenter Ian Wright experiences in Norway, and they can appreciate the vast undeveloped wilderness of the area. Winter sports such as ice fishing, ice diving, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and trekking are just some of the popular activities that can be done in the region.

The majority of the region sits north of the Arctic Circle. It includes a few large cities and many fjords, mountains, and glaciers. There are many national parks in the region with ample opportunities for hiking as well as other outdoor activities in both winter and summer.

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