Brianna Barnes

When travelling learn a few words of the local language people will appreciate it more than you think.”

While growing up in Ontario, Brianna was never the girl to play “house”. Always outside, getting dirty and ruining the new dress. Because why not look fabulous while rescuing the helpless frogs from the unsuspecting local fishermen. This zest for adventure led her to leave home when she was only 14 to enter the world of fashion. She headed for Paris where she entered a modelling competition and won model of the year.

Working with top modelling agencies all over world. Brianna has been travelling ever since. She has travelled to countries such as Greece, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, Japan, Guam and Australia. She is very grateful for her modelling adventures because it taught her how to immerse herself in different cultures very quickly and efficiently.

“The only time I ever experienced culture shock was oddly in the United States.” She was very thankful for her success but quickly found that she needed more of a challenge. “Let’s face it with modelling you don’t really get to speak your mind a lot…sometimes I think people forget we can speak.” Although always going on side trips by herself much to the dismay of all her agencies.

She thirsted for more adventure and challenge in her career. The acting bug bit and she is currently studying with William Esper, a renowned acting teacher in New York City. The William Esper Studio teaches the Meisner Technique. Brianna has since been in numerous independent films.

Brianna is currently residing between Canada and New York City, while pursuing her career in acting and plans to further her education in Journalism and Environmental Sciences.

Travel Philosophy

“Try anything once… unless it involves a large, aggressive animal that weighs 2,000 lbs and has horns. I find the things that I regret most in life are the things I didn’t do because of planned budget or fear. Although some people would be hesitant travelling alone, especially being a female that weighs 125lbs, there is nothing like accomplishing something that everyone else was afraid to do.

Travellers have to learn no matter where you are that people are genuinely good. I’m not saying ignore your instincts but I have found the most rewarding experience was receiving help from a complete stranger. People help because they want to not because they have to. I think the lessons you learn when you travel are priceless because not only do they humble you, but they force you out of your comfort zone, which causes you to open your eyes to the world a little further.”

Good and Bad Food

“I still constantly crave the brick oven pizza in Milan and the ice cream crêpes from Tokyo. The food I won’t mind ever running into again are those fried squid balls that I tried in Osaka. I threw up in my mouth and burnt my tongue all at the same time.”

Favourite Places

The Oboke area in the Shikoku prefecture in Japan. You are surrounded by wilderness and are able to connect with the nature in a nano second. The people there don’t have expectations just respect. You could live out your day’s there carving driftwood and be respected and content. And I was told it was the birthplace of Udon. A very yummy Japanese noodle dish!”

Sound Advice

“When travelling learn a few words of the local language people will appreciate it more than you think.”

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ABOUT – Brianna Barnes is a proud Canadian with a zest for adventure. Follow Brianna on Twitter at @LeBriannaBarnes