Estelle Bingham


Estelle is experienced as both a TV presenter and radio broadcaster. She has filmed in Southwest Australia, Istanbul and Kenya for Globe Trekker, and Egypt and Pakistan for the Pilot TV show Treks in A Wild World.Estelle Bingham

She has also visited popular holiday destinations for the British TV series Dream Ticket.

Estelle can be heard broadcasting a weekly music review slot The Edge for the BBC World Service, where she also presented her own R&B and Hip Hop series entitledR&B with DJEE and presents music news for BBC Radio Scotland‘s The Mix Show. Apart from being a lover of music, she’s also a huge fan of travel and culture.

She also uses her extensive travel experience to present travel pieces for BBC Radio 1‘s energetic and upbeat programme Global Update.

In the last few years Estelle has travelled extensively inEurope, India, Southeast Asia, Central America and South America.