Lavinia Tan

"My ringtone? It used to be my cat...! My cat is very interesting - he can sound like a chicken. He is in a class of his own."

Born and raised in Singapore, Lavinia Tan is well-versed in the language of Singlish (Singapore’s own brand of English), experienced to know Lavinia Tanthat under-arm deodorant is a must in this humid tropical island, and that the world is her oyster if she’d stop trying to eat it with a squeeze of lemon.

She was raised single-handedly by her mother and doting grandmother, with an older sister who to date is her best audience of one. Her sense of humor has played an integral part in her life. Since young, she has learnt that it not only helps to see the lighter side to things, but humor gets you through the tough spots in life. Her education took her through ten years in the all-girls Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, followed by two years in Anglo Chinese Junior College (which marked the end of her “semi-nunhood” where she finally came into contact with the opposite sex!). When not out Globe Trekking, she is currently studying for a degree in Business Management at the Singapore Management University, majoring in Marketing and Law.

From working at a pet store (that sold everything but pets), to filling out a prescription of Viagra as a pharmaceutical assistant, to working for a photography magazine, and later as an assistant at a photography Lavinia Tanstudio, her work experience has put her in contact with amazing and inspiring individuals and provided her with situations that have truly broadened her mind.

Photography is her most loved hobby, because it is contemplative and reveals refreshing new perspectives of the world. Reading comes in at a close second. Her favorite writers are Mitch Albom, Haruki Murakami, and Malcolm Galdwell. Her other interests include cooking and a variety of sea sports such as diving, sailing, and kayaking.

Her travels have mostly been in the South East Asian region, plus a heavily subsidised school excursion to Wales and London. She is eager to see more of the world and be exposed to all it has to offer, and hopes being a Globe Trekker host will be her ticket to do so.

Lavinia TanGrowing up watching early episodes of Globe Trekker, Lavinia counts Ian Wright as her idol for his natural humor. In spite of many parents throwing up their arms in disgust about how television is a bad influence, it was a TV advert on Discovery Networks Asia that alerted her of the search for a new Globe Trekker host and gave her this life changing opportunity. Lavinia almost lost it all when she was eliminated at the semi-finals for the Singapore leg of the search, however, thanks to the unexpected surprise of being placed as a wildcard in the final selection rounds.

Her first show saw Lavinia roughing it for four weeks to experience the fascinating sights of Florida and the Bahamas. An opportunity that warrants nothing less, in her opinion, then a prayer of thanks to God every night before bed.