Megan McCormick

“I heard about Globe Trekker from a friend who is an actor. It sounded like a dream job.”

“I heard about Globe Trekker from a friend who is an actor. It sounded like a dream job.”

Megan McCormick, was raised in sunny Florida, and graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and political science. She currently lives in New York with her partner and her young daughter.

Before joining the team, Megan worked as an English teacher in Japan, a social worker, and behind the scenes on The News with Brian Williams for MSNBC. Megan’s credentials include extensive independent travel in Asia and Europe. She’s visited Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Inner Mongolia, France, Belgium, England, Ireland, Java and Sumatra.

“I’m not an actress,” she says, “I heard about Globe Trekker from a friend who is an actor. It sounded like a dream job.”


“When I travel on my own I like to see where the road will take me (which frequently means getting lost!)”

“All of these experiences have informed who I am and have given me an enriched perspective. Plus, if I have any memories that start to fade I have a good video to watch to remind me.”

“My mom had a map of the world on the hallway growing up and a subscription to National Geographic. It’s her fault I can never get a “real” job!”

Good and bad food

“I like Japanese, Thai, and the odd hot dog from a bar called Rudy’s in New York City.”

“The strangest looking thing I have eaten was probably the fruit bat in Micronesia. It was pretty scary looking but well attired by the chef who had tied a little yellow bow around its neck. It tasted like chicken, of course!”

On drinking “lemonade” made of ants and eggs: “I tell you the truth when I say, it ain’t no Countytime Lemonade, but if it had had a little sugar, it would have been nice, actually!”

Favourite places

“I’d like to visit Bhutan because it is still so untouched and I imagine it to be a very beautiful inspiring place.”

“I went to Inner Mongolia with my mother and friend and they have the fastest horses I have ever ridden! I was hanging on for dear life! We ate local food and slept under the stars. It was one of the best trips of my life.”

Worst experience

“The scariest thing we have filmed was the gem mine in Sri Lanka. It was a precarious climb down about 200 feet and 50 feet in and once we were down there it was hard to breath (a local mentioned something about methane gas!).”

Sound advice

“I would warn that if you are going to be there (Ivrea, Italy) during the Orange Festival to bring a helmet! In addition, bring trousers with elastic waistlines so that you can really enjoy the food.”

“The secret, if you ever find yourself in a room full of rats (Karni Mata Temple, West India), is to shuffle your feet along and they will avoid you (for the most part.) Everything in India feels holy to me so rats there seemed very different from the thug rats in NYC!”

ABOUT – Raised in sunny Florida, and graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and political science.