Rosie Lovell

Markets make me really happy – I’ve just returned from Malaysia where we explored loads of them, particularly night markets. Obviously food markets are a favourite but I’m pretty game for any sort really. The fish market in Tokyo is one of my favourite experiences as well as the one in Surat Thani in Thailand.”

Rosie’s culinary inspiration comes from the people closest to her, from food encountered on travels, and importantly from her fellow shopkeepers and their wares that jostle for space outside her deli in Brixton Market: the piles of peppers and plum tomatoes; the Borlotti beans stacked up outside the Portuguese store; the reams of ackee in the window of the Jamaican shop next door!

With her refreshing approach to cooking Rosie has infiltrated new and exotic flavours into traditional dishes with creative flair to show you how easy it is to adapt, revise and revive old recipes and turn them into something new and exciting.

Rosie writes a blog for Selfridge’s, runs a monthly supper club and her recipes have featured in Observer Food Monthly and Grazia. Her first book, Spooning with Rosie, was published in 2009 and her latest book Supper with Rosie was published in 2012.

ABOUT – Five years ago Rosie Lovell opened her deli in the heart of Brixton market. Nestled among the salted fish, yams and sounds of reggae it has become an intimate, eclectic place full of welcoming people, good music and food made with love. Everyone knows everyone at Rosie’s!