Shilpa Mehta

"I’ve eaten so much good food that by now I should be the size of a bull!"

Intrepid traveller Shilpa Mehta is a go-get, grab-the-bull, in-at-the-deep-end style of presenter with a passion for the extraordinary.

Shilpa MehtaReporting from far-flung corners of the globe for Pilot Guides and British BBC1’s Summer Holiday, she’s not the kind of girl you’ll find sipping cocktails by the pool. She’s far too busy riding wild horses, scaling vertical cliffs or hanging out with lost tribes in the jungle. So far she’s journeyed to the heart of the Philippines, Spain, Bali, Sulawesi, Tobago, Kenya, and Australia.

Stormchasing for BBC1’s Twister series proved a real challenge. Adventures included speedy off-road drivingto escape an impending tornado and pursuing lethal night storms to photograph lightning bolts. Clocking up thousands of miles to come face-to-face with violent storms and raging twisters made for an unforgettable TV experience.

However, she’s not just an action girl. With a degree in the Philosophy of Ideas, Shilpa is also an explorer of the Alternative and New Age.

This understanding qualified her as a reporter for DJ Simon Mayo’s TV show dedicated to turn-of the century madness – BBC1’s The Big End, where she conducted some amazing interviews with real-life vampires and practitioners of S’n’M tantric sex.

These are themes she also investigated on BBC Radio GLR with Andrea Oliver. Called ‘Shilpa’s PMT’ (pre-millennial tension), she reviewed all the latest concepts – from stellar civilisations to the physics of angels – bringing a vibrancy and energy that resulted in jammed switchboards every week.

This talent of expressing complex ideas in an intelligent, fun, yet down-to-earth way created a rating’s success for the Alternative Health series she initiated for ITV’s This Morning withRichard and Judy. She also features regularly as one of their travel experts.

Shilpa’s natural, honest and sincere style of communicating was put to good use for her recent series as presenter of Channels 4’s Designed to save the environment, Shilpa could be seen inspiring and empowering the next generation to make a difference – by reporting from places as diverse as the sewers of London to the floodplains of Bangladesh. She’s also co-presented with Johnny Vaughan for Channel 4’s Talking About Sex and led studio discussions for ITV’s Central Weekend Live with Nicky Campbell.

Shilpa’s passion for ideas and adventure make her a captivating individual whose non-conformist, original approach guarantees she’ll take this millennium by storm.