Earth Journeys Volume 2

Track Listing:

  1. Arctic Dance
    Based on an Inuit woman's performance of a Greenland drum dance.
  2. Cafe d'Afrique
    The sounds of west Africa's costal Cafes featuring Matt Bowers on electric guitar.
  3. Saga
    Norse words from the songs of Greenland performed by the rich voice of Tryggvi Gunnar Hansen.
  4. Ranchero
    Featuring the voice of Martin Williams. The desert cattle country of inland Baja Mexico still has the feel of the old west.
  5. Dog Bates Moon
    Tequila round the campfire creates a dreamy calm
  6. Uzebkistan Express
    A steam journey through Central Asia's mythical cities and glorious scenery.
  7. TILT
    A jaunt around Jamaica featuring Steve Lima on guitar.
    Haunting flute epitomises the fragile purity of Chinese music.
    Taken from a saz and drum performance one hot night in a traveller's campsite.
  10. Spirit Girl Saraswatis Shakti
    The spirit girls voice evoking the Devine energy of Hindu forces.
  11. Berberama
    Featuring Matt Bowers on electric guitar, inspired by a group of Berber woman singing around a campfire.
  12. Wo-Lo-Lo
    Featuring Adam Doughty on kora, inspired by the dramatic views from the Dogon escarpment.
  13. Four Miles Away
    Featuring Neil Yates on trumpet, inspired by the distant trumpet echoes across the barren lands of Baja.
  14. Chinatown
    The Chinese pipe guitar reflects the hustle and bustle of a modern Chinese city.
  15. Chilled Out
    Featuring Mike Patton - The fastest mandolin in the west.
  16. Chant
    The Inuit chant and Ian Richies soprano sax combine urban and ethnic dialogue as the sun sets over Greenland.
  17. Return to Bac Ha
    A young girl greets the crew in the northern mountain village of Bac Ha.

Since the first Globe Trekker TV show was produced, the team of composers who create the soundtrack have been pushing back the boundaries of television music. The scores blendmusic and sounds recorded on location into compositions and arrangements by musicians more usually associated with hit records and classical albums.

Earth Journeys Volume 2 contains music from Globe Trekker episodes in GreenlandJamaica,ChinaMexico, Uzbekistan, TurkeyIndiaMiddle EastChileVietnamBaja California, and West Africa. It also features a remix of the Globe Trekker theme song.

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