Globe Trekker Globe Jam

Since the first Globe Trekker TV show was produced, the team of composers who create the soundtrack have been pushing back the boundaries of television music. The scores blend music and sounds recorded on location into compositions and arrangements by musicians more usually associated with hit records and classical albums.

Indulge your senses with the soothing sounds of Globe Jam. An ambient eclectic mix with 23 superb tracks to choose from…


  1. Remember Me
  2. Yao
  3. Mozambique Island
  4. Ubaye Ubaje
  5. Bali Bells
  6. Long March
  7. Hakka Fields
  8. Wulingyuan
  9. New York Art Gallery
  10. Crete
  11. Muamediat
  12. Oud to Beirut
  13. Erica
  14. Before the Rain
  15. Portobello Town
  16. Vietnamese Shuffle
  17. The Baka of Ajap
  18. Harpo
  19. Mont St. Michel
  20. Can I Get a Witness
  21. White Waters
  22. Busta
  23. Football de Tourou
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