Pacific Foods: Kava

Kava is the root of the piper methysticum plant, a member of the pepper family. Although the natives of Pacific Islands have used kava in a social context for thousands of years, this fascinating plant has recently gained popularity in western countries as a herbal remedy.

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Pacific Journeys: Santiago to Pitcairn & Tonga to New Caledonia

Supported by the French government and its plentiful nickel New Caledonia thrives. From open plains with cattle ranches, on the main island’s west coast to the lush tropical forests on the east and many idyllic uninhabited islands all around it has something for everyone. TAHITI Although it is harder to flee the tourists in Tahiti there are many secret places to be found and if you do want a hotel there are some splendid ones on perfect beaches with every facility to meet your hearts desires.

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