Extreme Green

Have you ever wondered what tomorrow’s world would look like if we did combat global warming and climate change by 2050? Well, as this astonishing 2 part, tv programme reveals,  it’s going to be a future of flying cars and underwater computer banks, forest cities and farming robots, magnetic railways and  hydrogen-powered industry. We are about to enter an extremely green world full of visionary innovation and scientific wish-fulffillment  that will simply take your breath away. “EXTREME GREEN” looks into yesterday’s world of science fiction as it is swiftly becoming  science fact. A show for all ages about the environmental technology that might just save our threatened planet. Presenter Zay Harding takes us on around-the-world trip to meet the engineers, imagineers and scientists who are prototyping their latest inventions in the race to reach carbon zero by 2050. Along the way, we get the verdict from one of the world’ leading environmental experts, Sir Jonathon Porritt, who tells us candidly how pragmatic these extreme green solutions are.