Take in the sights and sounds of the natural world with these relaxing music travel videos - Slow TV, from the creators of Globe Trekker

Slow TV

Indulge for a moment in global harmony – Slow TV is here to take you away from the stresses of the day, and out into our beautiful world…

Slow TV, from Pilot Productions, takes the viewer on a relaxed and scenic ride through the world of travel. Chill out with  these inspiring  collection of short form videos which run from three to five  minutes. Each video offers a rich  visual and soundscape of spectacular locations . The videos are commentary free, but offerthe viewer some text based information about the locations. The first  6 x  3-5min episodes in our Slow TV  collection focus on the natural world and include segments on Australian beaches, rivers and rainforests. There is also mini episode on Balinese rice terraces , Fiji’s Sugar trains and England’s autumn leaves. Chill out with Slow TV from Pilot Productions, your  guide into a world of slow travel.


1. Rainforests of New South Wales, Australia
2. Balinese rice terraces
3. Australia’ east coast beaches
4. Rivers and bridges of New South Wales
5. England’s autumn leaves.
6. Fiji’s sugar railroad


Slow TV Episodes

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