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Presenter : Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro,

Eco Trekking: The Pacific Islands

From the most isolated island of the world, to the place where Darwin formed his theory of evolution, this show will take you on an island journey off the coast of South America.

Ian Wright starts his trip off the Chilean coast on Robinson Crusoe Island, and guides you through this small but yet mysterious place that gave birth to Daniel Defoe’s classic novel.

We then head a further 2000 miles out into the most remote inhabited island in the world –Easter Island.  There, Ian takes a horse ride to explore the mystery behind the Moai statues.

Our journey ends with Justine Shapiro, as she takes us on a trip through the beautiful volcanic islands of the Galapagos.  There, she befriends a few sea lions and witnesses the unique wildlife that made the islands famous.


Places Mentioned - Chile

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