Globe Guides: Hollywood, Bollywood & Beyond

In this episode of Pilot Globe Guides we take a guided tour around the world’s film industries, from the blockbuster productions of Hollywood, to the energetic pace of Bollywood in India.

Megan McCormick goes in search of the Hollywood lifestyle in visits to Central Casting and Paramount studios in LA, while Justine Shapiro heads to the glitz and glam of the Venice film festival.

Lavinia Tan travels to the Bahamas and rides a personal submarine to the James Bond wreck, and Zay Harding also plays at being Bond as he reenacts the Goldeneye bungee jump at the Versaska Dam in Switzerland.

Across the world in India we take a back stage peek at how the Bollywood film industry operates, while in Hong Kong Megan tries her hand at some Kung Fu stunts! Finally we end or tour by visiting the home of the Western, in Utah’s Monument Valley.