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Globe Guides: Reptiles and Predators

We get up close and personal to some of the planets most extreme and endangered reptiles and predators. While many are feared by man it is actually man who has caused their numbers to decline.

Zay Harding takes a trip to Western Canada and tries to track down a bear, while in Kenya Estelle Bingham goes in search of hungry lions. Ian Wright visits Malaysia and witnesses the art of the snake charmer, and in Kenya Estelle helps to milk a massive Puff Adder.

Bigger still are the world’s crocodiles and none more so that in the waters of Costa Rica as a very brave Neil Gibson finds out. Finally we go under the water in the coasts off South Africa and swim alongside the ‘Crocodile Dundee of Sharks’. A scientific researcher happily gets close enough to touch the fearsome Great White shark, armed with nothing more than a spear for protection.

Places Mentioned - Costa Rica, Kenya, Malaysia

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