Diving the Chuuk Lagoon

With more ocean than land, some of Micronesia’s top sites are underwater. Many World War Two relics lie hidden under the tropical waters.

Sixty Japanese ships were sunk by American forces as retaliation for Pearl Harbour. Ironically, this tragic loss of life has made Chuuk one of the best wreck diving locations in the world, a scuba lovers’ vast undersea museum of more than 100 submerged sea vessels and aircraft

The warm tropical waters and marine life have transformed Chuuk lagoon into a beautiful coral garden and home to exotic, tropical wildlife.

Situated roughly in the centre of the states of Micronesia, Chuuk is a collection of tiny islands scattered across the expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The islands are heavily forested with numerous sandy beaches, great for both walks, wildlife treks or hot bathing. The total land mass of the islands is a tiny 128 sq km.

Chuuk Lagoon, renowned for its world class diving is a small island surround by coral reef. This Lagoon once sheltered the Japanese Imperial Navy during WW II. The main island of Weno serves as the world largest lagooon and its highest peaks, the Tonachau Mountain Iras is the home of the legendary God Souwniras and his divine son.

For centuries, Chuuk has served as a crossroads for sea traders and adventures. With fresh waterfalls, and centuries old historic sites from the 16th Century Spanish explores to 20th century battlegrounds, there is much to offer a visitor.


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