The Artistic Traveller: Classicism

In this cultural tour of the world’s greatest art galleries and museums, we take a close look at the most renowned classical masterpieces. Ian Wright tours culturally saturated renaissance Tuscany, home to the incredible statue of David by Michelangelo, and the Leonardo Da Vinci museum.

In a trip to Paris’ Louvre Museum Justine Shapiro also admires Da Vinci’s work, the famous Mona Lisa. In neighbouring Belgium Katy Haswell marvels at the huge oil on canvas paintings in Ruben’s house and studio. Secrets behind the creation of Rembrandts Night Watch in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum are revealed to Jonathan Atherton, while in Madrid Adela Ucar observes the Spanish Golden age in paintings by Velazquez and Goya.

We end our journey back in Tuscany at the immense Uffizi Gallery home to a staggering number of the world’s classic masterpieces.