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Hidden Algeria

‘HIDDEN ALGERIA’ is an alluring destination guide that explores one of the least known countries on our planet  – the People’s Republic of Algeria.

Three epic travelogues – ‘Algiers’, ‘The Historic Hinterland’ and ‘The Sahara’ illustrate the joys of this unique and contrasting country. We visit the idyllic villages and towns of the Mediterranean coast, we experience the magic of the Sahara desert, uncover the raw beauty of the Aures mountains and we celebrate the vibrant city life in Algiers, Constantine, Tlemcen and Oran. The films also give glimpses into the innumerable treasures of antiquity that are found in the Berber kingdom of Batna and the Roman towns of Tipaza and Timgad.

Hidden Algeria seeks to impress upon the television viewer how Algeria has blossomed, since its independence in 1962, into a must-see travel destination that is ripe with ancient culture, classical history and genial hospitality.

Hidden Algeria Episodes


This first episode explores the capital of Algiers. Its architecture – both French and Neo Mauresque, as epitomised by the glorious Grande Poste post office...
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The Sahara

The third chapter of this Algerian odyssey is a travelogue that covers over 1200 miles – from the ‘Door of the Sahara’ in the ancient berber...
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