The Story Of… Food

Ever wondered how, over thousands of years, the simple cup of tea came to be the world’s most consumed beverage after water? Or how coffee made its way from Ethiopia into Europe and across the world to become the everyday drink we love to consume? And why is it that people the world over have turned to chocolate for rituals, medicine, romance and sheer pleasure for 4,000 million years?
Our new series tell the story of these ubiquitous substances.
By combining months of investigative research undertaken by our experienced production teams, working with experts and enthusiasts across the world, we unravel the histories and mysteries of our most commonly consumed products and foods.
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The Story of Food, by Destination
The Food of Greece
The Food of Spain
The Food of Israel
The Food of Thailand
The Food of Palestine
The Food of Iran
The Food of the Deep South
The Food of Italy
The Food of France
The Food of Lebanon
The Food of China
The Food of Vietnam
The Food of Malaysia
The Food of Japan 
The Food of Portugal
The Story of Chocolate
The Story of Coffee