The New 7 Wonders Cities of the World

In the latest results to emerge from, the new 7 Wonders Cities of the World have been revealed, following millions of votes cast from around the globe. The competition is obviously tough, narrowed down from 1200 nominees from 220 different countries, the seven most outstanding are:

BEIRUT, Lebanon

Beirut, image by Rami Mohsen (

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DOHA, Qatar 

Doha, image by Sam Agnew (


DURBAN, South Africa  

Durban, image by Mallix (

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HAVANA, Cuba  

Old Havana, image by Nick Kenrick (

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Kuala Lumpur, image by Spreng Ben (

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LA PAZ, Bolivia  

La Paz by Guillermo A. Durán (

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VIGAN, Philippines  

Vigan by Nigel Goodman (

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The new 7 Wonders Cities of the World follow 2007’s poll on which of the 7 Wonders of the World are the greatest (Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China won the accolades), and 2011’s search for the 7 Natural Wonders of the World where winners included the Jeju Island in South Korea and the Amazon.

Feature image by Nick Kenrick // Compiled by Sarah Blinco