Black Magic on Re Union Island

The grave of the African sorcere, Le Sitarane, in St. Pierre’s cemetery on Re Union is a popular pilgrimage spot for followers of black magic.  

The grave is used covertly by Reunionnais looking to bring misfortune upon others.  The grave is usually covered with offerings – anything from candles to cigarettes to a beheaded chicken!  

Gris Gris, a blend of black magic and herbalism was brought to the Seychelles by the African and Malagasy slaves.  The practise was driven underground by the British authorities who banned it in 1958.  However, there are still a few practitioners who use the practise for healing.  

A gris gris practitioner, or bonnomm, supposedly has the power to protect you from the evil eyehelp in your career or love lifeor get revenge on your enemies. Although the practice is dying out, a lot of young people still use it for help with their love life. 

Le Sitarane was part of a gang who broke into people’s homes, murdered them and then used the body parts in Black Magic rituals.  Le Sitarane was caught and sentenced to death in 1911.  At the pilgrimage site yo cian meet practitioners who claim to  foresee your future and provide love potions and or similar, a talismans , small packages  that can contain cooked food, iron, urine and hair!

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