This modern city, a world away from the picturesque scenes of Marrakech and Fès, is, thanks to the 1942 film of the same name, inextricably associated with the Western definition of Morocco (although not a single scene of the film was even filmed in the country!). 

Carefully planned by the French, its skyline is dominated by office and residential tower blocks while fashions are so far from traditional that it’s easy to forget you’re not in southern Europe. 

Because of this, travellers tend to dismiss Casablanca as an anomaly, out of place on a Moroccan tour. While it stands out as an oasis of modernity, its dominance of the Moroccan economy makes it a destination that illustrates the country’s future and has enough places of interest to stopover for a couple of days. 

Take a stroll through the wide boulevards and public parks of the French New Town, make a foray into its medina in the evening and don’t miss the stunning Hassan II Mosque, one of the largest in the world. The Casa district is also home to some wonderful fish restaurants.