Facts About Coffee’s History

Coffee! A staple in our everyday life, whether we enjoy it with friends to catch up or downing a cuppa during our commute to help us get through the day. But, few know the rich history and facts behind coffee. Here are interesting facts about coffee’s history.

Where coffee comes from

Coffee primarily grows within a belt thirty degrees north and south of the equator, between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Within this belt, more than eighty countries grow great coffee throughout Asia, Like fine wines, if you really want to explore and imbibe, the world of coffee offers unlimited opportunities for your palate. To learn more, have a read of our Global Guide To Coffee Tasting here.

How it became popular in the Western world

Coffee was brought to Europe by the Venetians, coffee houses sprung up in major continental cities throughout the17th century, around the same time coffee made its way across the Atlantic to America.

It became popular in America after a significant event

After the Boston Tea Party, coffee replaced tea as America’s favourite hot beverage and became an essential ration for soldiers in the civil, first and second world wars. It went on to be established as the national staple drink served at the iconic American eatery, the Diner. To learn more about America’s embracing of coffee, watch our documentary, ‘Coffee: The Drink that Changed America’, here.

Few appreciate the rich history behind coffee and how it became a phenomenon across the world. It is embraced by all corners of the world, and a part of most people’s daily lives; in every office, household and sold on every other street. To learn more about the amazing history of coffee itself, have a watch of our documentary, ‘The Story of Coffee’, here.