Little Gems: Beaches of Sri Lanka

Sri lanka off the south coast of India is fringed with beautiful beaches and has a lively beach culture. 

Golf Bayscrem is a romantic beach for all ages where people come to meet and ultimately fall in love. 

Unamatuna is a beautiful golden beach with many small bars and restaurants to hang out in. Beware of the local beach boys who prey on tourists for an easy buck.

Weligama sits on the soutern corner of Sri Lanka, close to the historic city of Galle. The famous german scientist philosopher Ernst Haekel set up a marine zoological lab there in the 19th century and called Weligama place “the lovely gem and the pearl of Taprobane”. It’s famous for it’s beautiful sun drenched beaches and its unusual history of stilt fishing.

 Fishermen wade out to poles embedded in the seabed which are handed down from father to son. Nobody knows how or where this strange technique originated from but it works as the stilts are jealously carved. Rock carving of Buddhist mythology can be seen in the region’s hills.



A return to my home town – WeligamaChildhood memories of the town and beach.


Destination – Sri Lanka