Meet The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Culture Facts

Where: San Francisco, California, USA
Who are they: Quasi-nuns who promote gay rights and other issues whilst having a lot of fun
Meet them at: Folsom Street Fair & other Gay pride events.


As some of the most pro-active activists in the gay community for years, the ‘Sisters’ have become familiar sights at Gay Pride events, The Folsom Street Fair and Halloween, dispensing their unique blend of tolerance and love for all and promoting AIDS awareness, Same Sex Marriage laws among other things. They claim to be legally ordained ministers, and you can book a sister to conduct your very own wedding!

With their heavy white makeup and full nun regalia, the Sisters have become an icon of the Castro district and chances are you’ll see some if visiting this San Fransisco neighbourhood. While it’s a tongue in cheek take on the Catholic Churches exclusion of gays, the underlying goal of the Sisters is to spread acceptance for all. With unusual twists on Catholic names the Sisters go about their business even further than San Francisco and have done nationwide tours. Organized Bingo Nights are the groups main fundraising activity and can be a fun way to help the community and have a laugh at the same time.



The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Meet the sisters, find out about their latest events and political views.

main image:From San Francisco, Sister Sistah, Sister Dana Van Iquity and en:Sister Kitty Catalyst O.C.P. at en:San Francisco‘s en:Names Project Quilt office on Market St. working on the Sister’s en:Nuns of The Above memorial quilt. photo by Rink Photo used with permission By The original uploader was Benjiboi at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Attribution,