Niagara Falls

There are dozens of taller waterfalls in the world (Niagara ranks 50th), but in terms of sheer volume Niagara Falls is unbeatable: more than 1 million bathtubs of water plummet over the edge every second.  That’s why it attracts 14 million tourists to the Canadian side every year. Very occasionally the Falls stop altogether – as per Easter Sunday 1848, when ice completely jammed up the flow.

Thousands of years ago, Niagara Falls was about 8 miles away from where it is today – and, even more incredible is the fact that much of the water flow over the falls is now diverted into power generation tunnels. Since 1958, Sir Adam Beck 2 Generating Stationhas captured the energy of the falls in one of Ontario’s largest hydroelectric facilities. It’s a greatexample of a natural, non-polluting and reliable power source that has worked in harmony with the beauty of Niagara for over 4 decades. Napoléon’s brother once brought his bride here and “Viagra Falls” has been a tacky honeymoon destination ever since. A plethora of casinos, fast-food joints, motels, tourist attractions and sex shops have sprung up around the Falls.

Apart from the tat, there are plenty of amazing excursions to choose from:


✓ Maid of the Mist:  A historical ride aboard this world-famous vessel is a half hour thrill of a lifetime. Water rushes all around as you “soak” in the excitement and explore the roar of the Falls.

✓ Journey Behind the Falls: The sound is like thunder, the sight awe-inspiring. Take a journey below and behind the heart of Niagara and stand in the mist where the mighty Horseshoe Falls tumbles from 13 stories above. Ear-cracking!

✓ Helicopter Tour: The  Usual tour  lasts 12 minutes, beginning with the Sir Adam Beck Generating plant and the Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture, the tour follows the Niagara River from the Whirlpool area, over the Whirlpool Rapids and the Rainbow Bridge. The green grass and floral beauty of Queen Victoria Park stretches below as the helicopter passes by the American Falls and the Skylon Tower. Rainbows appear and disappear from all directions.