Salmon Fishing in Kenai River, Alaska

Alaska is the area most rich in salmon in the world. Salmon in not a luxury food in Alaska, it’s an everyday meal and because they catch too many to eat fresh, a lot of the fish are smoked. The season runs from June to August, and a license can be bought from fishing shops.

Salmon is King on the Kenai River, the most fished river in Alaska, with the largest salmon in the world, the King Salmon. The world record salmon was caught here, weighing in at a massive 97 pounds! Anglers from the world over come to Kenai to try and beat the record or match their personal best, or just to enjoy the fantastic crisp air and amazing forest scenery. Every summer, thousands of anglers arrive to catch salmon on their way upriver to spawn. It can get so crowded on the riverbank that some people call it “combat fishing”. Many breeds are in the river, the Sock-eye Salmon,the Silver Salmon, and the King Salmon, also called the Chinnok.

The season begins in May and continue in force during June and July. King Salmon average at 30 – 50 pounds, many weighing in at 60 or 70. Sockeye salmon, also known as red salmon, is also teeming in the river, thought to be the best eating salmon in the world. Silver Salmon run from August to September makes a late seasonal fish, and you can see some spectacular jumps and runs in the river. They make a fast and furious catch for a keen fisherman.

Salmon aren’t the only fish abounding; Ling Cod, Sea Bass, Red Snapper and Halibut are also on the fisherman’s menu.

Salmon can be cooked and prepared thousands of way, but if you’re fishing, the nicest way to enjoy freshly caught salmon and an Alaskan tradition is to cook the catch on the barbeque. Grill, and enjoy with a squeeze of fresh lemon and freshly ground black pepper.



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