Tahiti: Destinations

The main island in the austral group, Tubuai, is almost completely circular in shape and its main feature is two parallel mountain ranges. It’s a former volcanic with a crater covering over 45 Sq. Km. Tubuai is one of the main suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables in the Tahiti Islands.

Mount Taita is known as “the Sleeping Man” is a non too stressful mountain hike and there are a number of easy going costal and cross country hikes on the island. From the costal roads you can see an excellent view of the little motu in the shallow eastern lagoons and attractive west coast beaches.

The north east is the site for the reconstructed Fort George, the site of the landing of the mutineer on HMS Bounty for which the island is most famously renowned, and the tomb of the former President of the Territorial Assembly in the village of Mahu.

By Susi O’Neill