Taking the Bull by the Horn: Rocky Mountain Oysters

Food Facts

Where: Rocky Mountain States, US of A
Preparation: Deep fried bull gonads with a hot sauce.
Taste: Fatty, chewy and pure beef.
Serving Suggestion: Serve with Louisiana hot sauce, chips and washed down with beer


Rocky Mountain Oysters are not seafood as their names at first deceives us, but gonads, or bulls testicles! They are traditionally deep fried and served with a traditional American hot sauce.

The Americans are truly a nation with balls, and they love to celebrate this in the annual Testicle Festival every September in Clinton, Montana which features the true food cuisine of the deep south, and the Rocky Mountain Oyster is the head dish. Or should that be tail dish?…

Recipe for Rocky Mountain Oysters

– With a sharp knife, cut and pull away the skin surrounding each of the testes and remove.

– Cover in salted water for one hour and drain.

– Add to pan of salt water, with just enough water to float the teste. Parboil, drain and rinse.

– Allow testes to cool and cut into chip sized oval slices. Season well.

– Mix one cup of flour, ¼ cup of corn meal and finely chopped or dried garlic in a bowl.

– Roll each of the “oysters” into this breaded mixture. Dip each in a cup of red wine or beer and fry immediately in hot oil. (pure hog lard is authentic, peanut oil will do).

– Add Lousiana hot sauce to brown the oysters and then remove from the pan.

– Drain off oil on paper towels.

– Serve immediately with chips and beer.



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