The Colloseum

The Colloseum is the world ‘s most famous ancient arena, known best as a site of brutal and bloody gladiatorial contests during the days of the Roman Empire.

Large amphitheatres we’re built all over the Empire but the Colloseum was the biggest holding more than 50,000 spectators .The outer walls have three levels of arches framed by Ionian, Doric and Corinthian columns.

Colloseum III
Colloseum III

Six thousand gladiators lost their lives here and ten thousand animals were slaughtered many of them exotic species including lions, tigers and elephants .

Spectators were assigned particular sections and even seats depending on their social status with the most powerful and influential having the best seats in the lower levels of the amphitheatre.

The amphitheatre was built on the site of Nero’s huge palace by Emperor Vespasian at the end of the first century AD. It  fell into ruin after the fall of Rome in the fifth century.

Colloseum II
Colloseum II

Much if precious stone was pillaged or later used in nearby palaces.

Each year, millions of tourists from around the world flock to this architectural masterpiece marveling at its impressive amphitheater and immersing themselves in the rich but bloody history that unfolded within its ancient walls.


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