Ancient Greece’s early ruling power , The Mycenaeans , are famous for their giant hilltop fortresses and these structures were located close to the coast . The Mycenaeans were seafarers  heavily influenced by the Minoans of Crete and their surviving frescoes have a strong Minoan influence.

The Mycenaeans are famous for building dramatic hilltop fortresses like the one at Mycenae in the Peleponnese  and one at nearby Tiryns.

The fortresses were constructed of  giant boulders ,  and they were labelled Cylcopedean as though built by a mythic giant Cyclops.

It led archeoligists in the 19th century to compare them to the pyramids in. Egypt – particularly after they uncovered an elaborate royal burial tomb inside the fortress at Mycenae.

Excavations discovered treasures including  face masks made of gold.

Hilltop fortresses popularised by the Mcycaneans were taken up by others Greeks .. not least as a form of defence against hostile adversaries.

The Mycenaean culture eventually collapsed, and many of their citadel sites were occupied through the Greek Dark Age