The Small Fishing Village of Jericoacoara

Beach Essentials

When: April
Where: Jericoacoara Beach, north Brazil coastline
Happenings: Secluded fishing village, friendly people & great surfing
Remember to Bring: Best table manners and a surf board

Brazil has become synonymous with beach life. The population clings to the country’s 5,000 miles of coastline, but it is possible to find serenely remote places, such as Jericoacoara in the northern state of Ceará. Undiscovered by tourist hoards, Jericoacoara was declared an ‘Environmental Protection Area’ in 1984.


The Brazilian winter lasts from June to August. In summer, December to February, temperatures can reach as high as 40ºC, but in April it’s not too scorching.


  • Join locals for a fish feast: The fishing community is poor but hospitable, and delicious dishes are prepared from the day’s catch.
  • Go windsurfing: Jericoacoara is renowned as the greatest place for windsurfing in the Ceará state. Catch the African trade winds in your sail.
  • Spectacular sunsets: The sand-dunes overlooking the beach are the prime vantage point for watching the sunset. You can also hire horses locally and gallop along the beach.

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