The St Lawrence Seaway

The St. Lawrence Seaway opened in 1959 and is ranked as one of the outstanding engineering feats of 20th century. This mega system of locks, canals and dams extends from the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the Atlantic coast to Duluth on the western shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.

The St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes System flow across North America for over 3,700km .. The St. Lawrence Seaway itself stretches 553km   from Montreal to Lake Erie and covers 245,570 sq km  of navigable water. Open from March to December it’s the world’s longest deep-draft inland waterway.

Sixty per cent of the total freight travels is from overseas but ships carry a huge quantity of domestic traffic. Across Pont Victoria from the city is an observation towerover the first locks of the system – the St Lambert Locks – where you can watch the locks in action and see how ships are raised and lowered