Top Five Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Old Town, Sarajevo 

Emmerse yourself  in the Ottoman past, strolling through the craftsmen’s quarters and sipping Turkish coffee.


  • Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918

Visit the spot where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed on 28 June 1914, which led to the crumbling of the Austrian- Hungarian Empire and the First World War. Recently re-opened by the curator Bajro Gec who saved most of the collections from the war . It displays artefacts on Sarajevo, but concentrates on those to do with the assassination.


  • Tunnel Museum, Sarajevo ,near Butmir airport. 

During the 1990s Bosnian War, the besieged city could only be entered through a 700m long tunnel that began in the suburb of Dobrinje and exited in the garage of someone’s house.



At the heart of Herzegovina, Mostar was the Ottoman administrative centre in the area from 1482  and an important caravan stop for Dalmatian goods that were to be shipped from the coast.

The town is most famous for its bridge that spans the Neretva River, the lifeline of the town, which was destroyed during the raging battle between the JNA (Yugoslav People’s Army) and the Croat and Muslim forces defending the East bank that was almost entirely destroyed during an 11-month siege. Reconstruction of the bridge was completed in 2004.



Visit the cemetery here the worst massacre of the Bosnian war took place. Bosnian Serb forces had laid siege to the Srebrenica enclave, where tens of thousands of civilians had taken refuge from earlier Serb offensives in north-eastern Bosnia. In the five days after Bosnian Serb forces overran Srebrenica, more than 7,000 Muslim men are thought to have been killed.