Travel Writers: The West That Was by Britain Schiner

Location: Dobois, Wyoming, Rockies, USA

Experiencing the wilds of Wyoming on horseback is truly a one of a kind opportunity. I started my adventure from the small town of Dubois, Wyoming. Dubois is a quaint western town nestled in between beautiful mountains, and the spectacular Red Desert. Emerald Creek Outfitters took me along on a fantastic horseback trip into the Absaroka Mountains. Absaroka is the Crow word for sparrow hawk, the name they called themselves. TheAbsaroka Mountains are formed from the lava flows of the Yellowstone crater, and are magnificent. This region of Wyoming is home to the Washakie Wilderness Area, which is Wyoming’s largest Wilderness Area. This wilderness is part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and host to hundreds of different species including elk, big horn sheep, both grizzly and black bears, wolves, and coyotes.

This part of the United States has been preserved exactly as it was from the beginning of modern man. Horses help you explore this country the same way it has been traveled since the tribes of this region mastered the art of riding. After my five day horseback adventure I do actually believe that riding is an art. It never ceased to amaze me how athletic the animals we rode were. All of the horses had their own distinct personalities as well as looks.

Wilderness Areas offer you a solitude that cannot be found anywhere else. From the time we left the corral to the time we returned I saw nobody outside of our small group. The guide and cook were very knowledgeable, and taught me many things about the land they love. My entire trip, from the excellent meals to brilliant night skies, was unforgettable. I would highly recommend one of these trips to all adventurous travelers.

Texts © Britain Schiner