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Pilot Productions’ no longer available on YouTube

For immediate release

Pilot Productions' programmes no longer available on YouTube

Dear customers,

From 1 January 2018 YouTube has discontinued its pay channels, meaning customers will no longer be able to watch our programs on this platform. Only clips and trailers will be available.

And from 1 March 2018 Amazon Prime has changed its payment policy which means our programs are no longer available for streaming through your Amazon Prime subscriptions.

We apologies’ to our tens of thousands of viewers around the world who have been affected by these changes but these unfortunately are out of our control.

If you would like to continue renting or buying our programs digitally you should go directly to our Shop ( where you  buy our programs. Alternatively, you can still rent or buy on Vimeo and Amazon.

Our programs are also available for purchase on DVD.

Thanks for your continued support of our programs.

Kind regards,
Your team at Pilot Productions