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Pilot Pocket Guides Berlin

Pilot Pocket Guides BerlinWith a population of nearly 4 million, Berlin is one of the biggest capitals in Europe. In Pilot Pocket Guides Berlin we show you that the city is also one of the most exciting! Come shopping at the biggest mall in the whole of Germany, find rarity shops and the most exquisite cafe culture in the ‘old east’, and see for yourself a city that has transformed itself into the new European mecca of art and architecture.

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Berlin Wall Mural

Berlin Wall Memorabilia

The Berlin Wall was raised on August 13th 1961 as a symbol of Cold War Communism, a physical division between American, British, French and Soviet sectors of...

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Loved up: Berlin’s Love Parade

Each year, Berlin, Germany's lively and cosmopolitan Capital City, hosts the world's largest techno dance party, the Love Parade. The street parade, which...

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