Best Beach Huts: Tanna Island in Vanuatu

Beach Essentials

When: The ultimate month is June but April to October is a great time to soak up the rays.
Happenings: Lounge in a tropical thatched beach hut or indulge in Cargo Cult insanity.
Remember to Bring: Shades and a palm fan for the ultimate cool down.

On Tanna Island, Vanuatu, a typical beach hut has walls made of palm leaves and grass roofs.

When to go

April to October is the best time to go to Vanuatu, when the average temperature is 23ºC. Unlike the rainy season it’s not too humid at this time of year.

Captain Cook was refused permission to climb its infamous Yasur volcano on the island, but nowadays cult modern insanity rules in the shape of the John Frum Cargo Cult who believe Jesus will reappear in the shape of an American G.I. called John Frum, bearing Cargo and gifts for the poor islanders.



Tanna Island
History and ceremonies of Tanna Island

By Jess Halliday